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Born and raised in north eastern Alberta, my passion for the outdoors only grew stronger as I got older. Living on the farm much of my time was spent outside helping my father with chores and yard work. At the age of 12 I was introduced to the outfitting industry by becoming a camp hand/labourer for a relative of mine in his own hunting outfit. Realizing this was my true passion, I've been at it ever since. After guiding for many different outfitters, I was given the opportunity to take over the outfit I'm proud to have been a part of since 2014  My hard work and dedication will ensure you a memorable hunt with Keg Country Outfitters. Join my guides and I for an unforgettable experience. We look forward to making your hunt enjoyable and successful.

Your guides

At Keg Country, only the hardest working, most dedicated guides will do. Over the years our team of guides have made Keg Country a huge success. Their professionalism, knowledge and skills in the field will make your adventure one to remember.


We are in the process of setting up at a new location not far from the previously used farm house that a good friend has graciously allowed us to use for our bear camp over the years. The new camp will feature a beautiful cabin with a spacious living room with satellite t.v, warm showers and country home cooked meals.

On our Moose hunt, we stay in a remote but comfortable tent camp.  Wood stoves keep you warm at night and the location makes for a beautiful wilderness experience.

Black Bear, Moose, Wolf & Waterfowl

Black Bear

Spot and stalk giant black bears in the far north oat and grain fields of Alberta

Canadian Moose

Come hunt big Canadian Moose out of our remote tent camp situated on the Chinchaga River in Northern Alberta

Wolf & Waterfowl

Add a wolf licence to your bear or moose hunt or hunt them exclusively during the winter months. Add a waterfowl hunt to your bear hunt for extra excitement!

Hunt Info

Fall Black Bear Hunting

We believe our Black Bear hunts go unsurpassed anywhere in North America.  We spot and stalk hunt our bears in one of Alberta's most northern agriculture areas. Being surrounded by thousands of acres of forest, bears travel long distances to feed in ripening grain fields to fatten up for the long winter ahead.  At this time, the bears are huge and their fur is in prime condition. We hunt mostly private land with little to no hunting pressure from others. This hunt can be done with archery or rifle. There is a two bear limit with unbelievable success rates year after year.

Moose Hunting

We hunt our moose during the rut (calling season).  Our remote tent camps make for a true wilderness experience.  We hunt Moose by calling them in, or spot and stalk, depending on the intensity of the rut.  Moose are plentiful in our areas with little to no hunting pressure from others.  Most Moose taken average 40 to 50 inches, but we've taken many over 50 inches, including one giant that reached 64 inches wide. Beautiful scenery and great success make this the hunt of a lifetime.

Wolf Hunting

Wolves are increasing in numbers in our area and hunters are encouraged to hunt them.  Wolves can be hunted along with any Bear or Moose hunt.  Sightings are becoming more frequent and harvests are increasing every year.  We are now doing exclusive wolf hunts during the winter months.

Waterfowl Hunting

 September harvest in the farm land is the best time for an add on waterfowl hunt. This is when the crops are being taken off the fields and in turn, ducks and geese swarm the fields by the thousands.  Add this exciting hunt to your bear hunt for an affordable price.

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