Q: Should I fly or drive?

A: Most bear hunters will fly, most moose hunters drive for the purpose of returning with all of their meat. Airlines will only allow you to take up to 50lbs. Ultimately, the decision is yours.


Q: Where is my final flying destination and how do I get to camp?

A: Your final flying destination will be the Grande Prairie, Alberta airport and you will need to rent a vehicle to drive to camp approximately 3 1/2 hours north.  Directions directly to camp will be provided upon arrival at the airport.

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Q: What do you require for a deposit?

A: We require a 50% deposit upon booking to guarantee your spot. The Remaining balance is due before June 1st of hunting year.


Q: What is included in your prices?

A: License, tags, lodging, meals, hide and skull prep for your taxidermist, full length of hunt days.


Q: What is NOT included in your prices?

A: Transportation to and from the airport, guide gratuity and alcohol.


Q: What should I tip my guide?

A: 10% - 15%  of cost of hunt is recommended.

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Q: How many hunters can you host at a time?

A: In bear camp we can host up to 6 hunters per hunt.

A: In moose camp we can host up to 5 hunters per hunt.


Q: Do you have a list of gear you recommend I bring on the hunt?

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Q: What is the success rates on the bear hunt?

A: 200% opportunity rate on 2 good bears. You WILL NOT be pressured to take the first bear you see.


Q: What is the success rate on the moose hunt?

A: You can expect 80% shot opportunity on a mature bull.

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Q: What caliber of rifle should I bring?

A: Use your everyday hunting rifle and ammunition that is likely to leave an exit wound. We recommend you refrain from ballistic tipped ammunition.


Q: Do you have a shooting range to make sure our rifles are still on target after flying?

A: Yes, everyone will have the opportunity to shoot their rifles before going hunting.


Q: What are the requirements for bringing firearms into Canada?

A: You are required to fill out a Firearm declaration form. Fill this form out before you get to customs but DO NOT SIGN until you are before a customs agent as they are required to witness your signature, the fee is $25.

Find and print declaration form here: https://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/wam/media/2347/original/d369a605ac3363b569af5ea5dc40c88d.pdf

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