Keg Country Outfitters Ltd Testimonials

Keg Country Outfitters Ltd Testimonials

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Craig Moss

2019 Bear hunt

  My wife and I hunted with Keg Country a few years back for my wife’s birthday. While we were there, we were treated like kings. We had great accommodations as well as good food. On top of that, the bear hunting was awesome. I shot my first black bear ever on my first day. After that we started hunting for my wife. She was able to take her 1st bear as well. My wife then decided to relax back at the lodge while I went back out for a second bear. That morning, I was able to shoot a bear that was just an absolute beast. Keg Country is a 1st class operation. Also seeing the northern lights in the evening was a spectacular sight.

Kurt Chronister

2021 Fall Combo Hunt

  If your idea of hunting is seeing a few big bears then this outfit is not for you.  If you like seeing DOZENS of big bears and a few absolute toads, then this outfit is your spot.  My guide Blake put me on 58 bears the week I hunted with Keg Country...58!!  I was able to kill a nice colour phase that I wanted as well as a thumper that I couldn't be more proud of.  Hands down the best bear hunting I've ever been a part of and I can't wait to go back.

  The moose hunting is something to behold as well.  While I didn't get one myself,  3 hunters in our group each took a bull with the smallest being mid 30's and the biggest 50+ inches.  I had an opportunity 2 different times to kill a bull but passed on a small one on day 1 and couldn't get a shot on a mid 30's on one of the last days.

-Kurt Chronister, Colorado

Mack Chronister

2021 Fall Combo Hunt

  15 minutes.  That is how long it took me to get my first bear.  We left camp and almost immediately saw a bear.  It was a boar That would wind up weighing inn the 300 pound range.  The guide then dropped me off at at a stand and left with my son to find him a bear.  By the time he came back to pick me up I had seen 12 different bears.  My son kept track of all the bears he saw.  Most were seen while bear hunting but about a half dozen were seen moose hunting.  He saw 58 bears.  He killed a beautiful cinnamon.  We had 4 bears hunters in camp and were tagged out in 3 days.  One guy killed a monster that squared 8’2” and weighed 449 pounds.

  The guides were all young and very hard working.  They did everything they could to make sure you were on the bears and having a good time.  The care given to the caping was exceptional.  They turned the lips and ears and removed as much fat as possible.  The hide was then salted and hung up to dry.  The took all the meat off the skulls, wrapped them in plastic and put them in a freezer.  When we returned from a successful moose hunt they rolled the hides and bagged them.

  The camp was the best I have been in.  Each hunter had his own room and shared a bath with another hunter.  Nice hot showers with plenty of hot water.  There were also laundry facilities.  The cook was the outfitters dad.  The food was not fancy but very good and lots of it.  We were able to drive right to camp so the amount of gear was not an issue.  There were thousands of geese in front of the camp every day.  We saw cranes and lots of ruffed grouse.  We had grouse for supper several times.  We could expect to see bears, grouse and deer every time we left camp.  The closest store was about an hour away so you had to be sure to bring everything you needed.

Best bear hunt ever!

  The trip in to moose camp was almost worth the cost of the hunt.  Miles of mud road in a 4x4 truck.  That was followed by miles of muskeg on 4wheelers and an argo.  We had to pull each other out or winch ourselves out numerous times.  A fun time was had by all.  It is amazing where you can take an argo.  Camp was on a large shallow river and consisted of wall tents and a cook shack.  We saw lots of grouse.  We heard wolves and one guy was lucky enough to shoot a beautiful black one.  We all saw moose and we got 3.  The northern lights were awesome.  Lots of 4wheeler time thru some great country.  When a moose was on the ground the guides really went to work.  There were so many knives at work that they didn’t want our help.  The meat was well taken care of with no hair or dirt to taint it.  Moose meat is the best.  The guides worked hard to find the moose for you.  We had a Canadian sports writer in camp and he got a nice moose.  We also had a professional Canadian hunter and his wife in camp.  He did not get a moose but he got the black wolf.  His wife even fixed birthday cinnamon rolls for my sons birthday.  It was a comfortable camp with good food.

-Mack Chronister, Illinois

Dennis Tougaw

2021 Combo Hunt

I have been hunting with KCO 4 times, and had a great time on each hunt. Adrien is a really good guy and has become my favorite outfitter and a good friend. All of the guides are professional, easy to get along with and are very good at hunting moose and bear. I have gotten a good moose on all 4 trips to KCO, got 2 bears in 2017, and 2 more bears in 2021. 

My trip in 2021 was my best trip yet. One of the bears squared almost 8 feet and weighed 449 lbs. The moose was the biggest one that I have gotten. The antlers were 50 ½ inches wide and the body was huge. 

The four wheeler ride into moose camp has to be experienced to be believed and the view of the northern lights is worth the trip in itself. The food is very good, I never had a meal that I did not enjoy. I am going back to KCO in 2022 (5th trip), and probably more in the years to come. 

-Dennis Tougaw, Kansas

Chirsti Bone

2018 Bear Hunt

I traveled to Keg Country Outfitters from Mobile, AL in September of 2018 for my first ever bear hunt.  This was my dream hunt and Keg Country did not disappoint.  I have been hunting all my life and this trip was by far the best hunting experience I have ever been on.  I got to shoot the bear of a lifetime while having an amazing time.  Everyone was so welcoming, informative, and caring.  If I had questions they were answered.  My dad was even with me.  He got to experience everything I did right by my side.  The trip was amazing in every way it could, so great that I will be returning in the fall of 2020 with friends.


-Chirsti Leigh Bone, Alabama

Andy Alberado

2018 Bear Hunt

Adrien and his crew were the best guides I could have asked for on my first bear hunt.  The food was delicious and lodging was clean and comfortable.  My guide, Devan, worked hard to make sure my hunt was enjoyable and exciting for all 6 days of my trip.  The hunting was one of a kind and we saw bears during every hunt.  You definitely don't have to settle on the first bear you see!  I would highly recommend this hunt to anyone looking to hunt black bears.  The whole experience was a 10/10.  I will definitely be back soon. I can't thank the guides enough for such an enjoyable trip.


-Andy Alberado, Louisiana

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